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Observational films - Corporation Documentary Research Paper

Observational movies - Corporation Documentary - Research Paper Example Moreover, so as to evaluate the character of the organization, there is an agenda utilized which utilizes analytic models and standard instruments of analysts. These norms are applied to guarantee that the hierarchical standards are human. In any case, the hierarchical rules that are applied are profoundly self-intrigued, irreverent, tricky, and they break the lawful and social norms just to get the benefits. The association doesn't endure with blame. â€Å"The Corporation† begins with a quick juxtaposition of natural organization logos and explicit pictures, which bolsters the portrayal. What's more, portrayal is giving you realities about the substance. I understood that after the primary couple of sentences my spotlight was such a great amount on the visuals that the second time I watched it, I saw I had missed some key data from the account. I comprehend that the movie producers needed to have holding starting and needed to hit you with the significant, fascinating realities anyway I rather have something (visuals) that would permit me to consider the portrayal more. Likewise I might want the portrayal to be a piece more slow. The rotten one representation is a decent method to start. It is a genuine model and readiness of what the narrative will summarize. It’s genuine that a major bit of the narrative is utilizing file film to help the sound. Despite the fact that I found the determination of documented film quite certain and phenomenal, some of the time it gets a piece excessively exacting. First time we see a face in the film, it winds up with a decent contort. The man (Ira Jackson) who is taking a gander at the camera (crowd) gets done with a joke. This part offers you a short reprieve from all the â€Å"serious† stuff and indications out that this â€Å"boring† narrative about organizations won't be as repetitive and exhausting as it is by all accounts. Other than having the subject taking a gander at

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Techniques for Dealing with the Hazardous Radioactive Wastes Literature review

Techniques for Dealing with the Hazardous Radioactive Wastes Literature review Techniques for Dealing with the Hazardous Radioactive Wastes â€" Literature review Example > The paper “ Techniques for Dealing with the Hazardous Radioactive Wastes”   is a convincing example of a literature review on environmental studies. Hazardous wastes are litters or materials with a chemical makeup that is capable of triggering considerable and possible threats to not only public health but also the environment when mishandled or discharged into the surroundings. Hazardous wastes or materials may be solids, liquids, sludges, or contained gases. Alternatively; they can also be by-products of the manufacturing processes or discarded commercial products, such as pesticides or cleaning fluids. According to Streffer et. al (2011), typical hazardous wastes are known to display at least one of the four hazardous characteristics, including toxicity, ignitability, corrosively, and reactivity. This particular paper will comprehensively discuss radioactive waste as one type of hazardous waste. In addition, the paper will discuss the techniques for dealing with this type of waste or one method of treating radioactive waste as a hazardous waste. Above all, the paper will highlight the advantages/problems of the method. Detailed Discussion of the Radioactive WasteRadioactive wastes are simply wastes or materials that have radioactive materials. They are normally a by-product of wastes generated from the process of nuclear power generation as well as other activities that involve the use of nuclear technology or nuclear fission, including medicine, agriculture, industry, and nuclear research. As noted by Andrews (2011), radioactive wastes are harmful not only to a great number of living organisms but also to the environment. Radioactive wastes naturally contain various radionuclides, which refers to the unstable disposition of components that decay, discharging ionizing radiation that can pose significant harm to human beings and the environment. The isotopes release various types of radiation levels that last for numerous years. All the radionuclides found within the radioactive wastes or materials survive for half-life, which is the time taken by a given substance to be decreased by half owing to decay, and thus, the discharge of radiation. Indeed, while all the radioactive wastes eventually decompose to form non-reactive elements, a selection of radioactive elements, such as the plutonium-239 often remains harmful to not only the life of humans but also other living organisms for hundreds of years. Given this, radioactive wastes are often controlled by various government agencies so as to safeguard the environment and human being health. Techniques for Dealing with the Hazardous Radioactive WastesWhile the European Commission on Energy (2016) notes that, there is no efficient method of dealing with the intermediate as well as the high-level radioactive wastes; low, as well as medium-level radioactive wastes, are increasingly being dealt with. Long-term amassing radioactive waste materials often calls for the stabilization of waste materials into a form that will not only react or degrade for a long period. One of the major techniques being used to deal with hazardous radioactive wastes is through vitrification. As Oh (2001) highlights, vitrification is an acknowledged technique used in the disposal as well as the storage of radioactive wastes. Under this technique, the radioactive wastes are mixed with the glass-forming chemicals within a heating system to develop molten glass, which then solidifies, thus immobilizing the radioactive wastes. In this particular form, the resultant radioactive waste materials are projected to be immobilized for hundreds of years. Presently in Sellafield, England, however, the high-level radioactive waste is mixed up with sugar, and thereafter calcined. According to Great Britain, National Audit Office (2012), the process of calculations entails passing the radioactive waste materials via a heated tube. The major reason for calculations is to allow the water to evaporate from the radioactive waste and to help in achieving the stability of the produced glass.

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St. Patricks Day Creative Writing Prompts and Other March Ideas

Even though the first day of Spring occurs in March, it often still feels like winter in many parts of the country. The following writing prompts for each day of the month can be a great way to incorporate writing in the form of warm-ups or  journal entries. Feel free to use and modify these as you see fit. March Holidays Womens History MonthNational Craft MonthAmerican Red Cross MonthNational Nutrition MonthIrish-American Heritage Month Writing Prompt Ideas for March March 1 - Theme: Peanut Butter Lovers DayChunky or smooth? With or without jelly? How do you like your peanut butter, if you like it at all? In a few sentences, describe the experience of eating peanut butter without an accompanying drink. If you have never tasted peanut butter, then instead describe the experience of eating saltines without the benefit of a drink.March 2 - Theme:  Dr. SeussWhich is your favorite Dr. Seuss book? Why?March 3 - Theme: Alexander Graham Bells BirthdayHow would your life be different without the invention of the telephone?March 4 - Theme: Womens History MonthDescribe the most courageous woman you know. This can either be someone you have met or someone you have read about.March 5 - Theme:  Boston Massacre  and PropagandaPaul Reveres engraving of the Boston Massacre was an extraordinary piece of propaganda. Explain why should we be wary of eyewitness accounts of major news stories?March 6 - Theme:  Oreo CookiesWhat is your favorite way to eat an Or eo cookie? Do you separate them, dunk them, pop them whole in your mouth, or avoid them altogether? Explain why you answered as you did.March 7 - Theme: World Maths DayWorld Maths Day is the first Wednesday in March. What is your opinion about math? Do you like the subject or is it one you struggle with? Explain your answer.March 8 - Theme: National Craft MonthDo you consider yourself a crafty or artistic person? If so, whats your favorite type of craft? If not, why?March 9 - Theme: Barbies BirthdayIs Barbie a good role model for girls? Why or why not?March 10 - Theme: Genealogy DayDo you have an interest in learning about your familys heritage? Why or why not?March 11 - Theme: First Basketball GameWhat are your thoughts on basketball as a sport? Is it one you follow or one you dont care about at all? Explain your answer.March 12 - Theme: Role of the US President (Date of FDRs first fireside chat)During the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt took to giving fireside chats as a w ay to help Americans connect with the presidency and the government. Today, whenever a national disaster or event of great significance occurs, the president makes a statement or gives a speech. In your opinion, how important is this for you as an American citizen? Explain your answer.March 13 - Theme: Uncle SamWhat do you think of Uncle Sam as a symbol of the United States? Do you think it serves a purpose to have a fictional character such as this as a symbol? Explain your answer.March 14 - Theme: Albert Einsteins Birthday and Pi DayAlbert Einstein  said, We cant solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. What do you think he meant by this statement? Do you agree with it?March 15 - Theme: Ides of March The tale of Julius Caesars warning to beware the ides of March  and his impending assassination was dramatized by William Shakespeare. What is your opinion of Shakespeares plays? Do you find them entertaining, confusing, or something else alt ogether? Explain why you have this opinion.March 16 - Theme: Freedom of Information DayDo you think that the government should share more information, even if it is possibly damaging to the presidency and Congress? Explain your answer.March 17 - Theme: St. Patricks DayWhat do you think of St. Patricks Day? Do you celebrate St. Patricks Day by wearing green? Do you have any ancestors from Ireland? If you dont celebrate it, why not?March 18 - Theme: Johnny Appleseed DayWhat is your favorite tall tale from Americas past? Examples of tall tales include Johnny Appleseed, Pecos Bill, and Paul Bunyan.March 19 - Theme: National Nutrition MonthWhat is your opinion of vegetables? Do you like eating them? What are your favorite vegetables? Why?March 20 - Theme: First Day of SpringWrite a short piece of prose or poetry about spring. Make sure to appeal to all five senses in your writing.March 21 - Theme: World Poetry DayGive your thoughts about poetry. Do you like to read it, write it or avoid it? Explain your answer.March 22 - Theme:  Artifical IntelligenceTechnology moves rapidly. We must consider the impact of artificial intelligence. What do you think are the benefits or concerns of artificial intelligence (AI) for the future of the world?March 23 - Theme: Patrick Henry and Liberty SpeechOn March 23, 1775, Patrick Henry made his famous speech that included the line, Give me liberty or give me death. Which of the freedoms that the US Constitution and Bill of Rights provide for do you feel is the most important for preserving personal liberty?March 24 - Theme: Harry Houdinis BirthdayWhat do you think of magicians? Have you ever seen one perform? Describe that experience. If not, explain why you think people are so fascinated by magic shows.March 25 - Theme: National Waffle DayWhat is your favorite breakfast food? What do you like about it?March 26 - Theme: Make Up Your Own Holiday DayIf you were to create a holiday celebrating anything, what would it be? How would the celebrations include? Have fun and provide details.March 27 - Theme: Volunteering (American Red Cross Month)Explain what you believe the benefits of volunteering your time and talents would be to an organization of your choice.March 28 - Theme: Respect Your Cat DayWhich is the better pet? A cat or a dog? Maybe another pet? Or maybe no pet at all?March 29 - Theme: Coca-Cola InventedSome cities have tried to regulate the size of sodas sold for consumption. Do you think there should be laws to tell you what you can and cannot drink or eat in this manner? Defend your answer.March 30 - Theme: Game Shows (Jeopardy Premiered on NBC)If you were to appear on a television game show, which would it be? Why?March 31 - Theme: Summer PlansWrite a poem or a short piece of prose about your summer plans. Bonus: St. Patricks Themed Creative Writing Topics Here is a list of teacher-tested creative writing topics to use with your St. Patricks Day theme.   I found a pot of gold. What would you do if you came across a pot of gold?I found a four-leaf clover. What would you do if you found a found a four-leaf clover?Dear Leprechaun†¦ Write a letter to a leprechaun, tell him about yourself, and ask him any questions you may have.Do you have a good luck charm? Describe your lucky keepsake and how it brings you luck.The legend of the lucky leprechaun. Create a story about the lucky leprechaun.At the end of the rainbow, I found a†¦ Describe what you saw when you got to the end of the rainbow.What is your favorite lucky number? Why do you feel this number is lucky for you?A leprechaun visits your school and gives you a magical item. What is it? What happens to you when you touch it?What does your family do for St. Patricks Day? Do you eat anything special? Describe your family traditions.What would you do if you woke up and found that everything that you touched turned to green? Describe how you would feel and what everyone would say when they saw what you could do.If you could trap a leprechaun, how would you catch him? What would you do with him once you caught him? Would you let him go? Would you keep him?I feel lucky because†¦ Describe why you feel lucky.If a leprechaun gave you three wishes, what would they be?Once I gave a four leaf clover to my friend and they†¦ Describe what happened after your friend received a four leaf clover.I once had shamrock shoes and†¦ Describe what happened to you. Where did you get them? Were they magical shoes?Describe a typical day as a leprechaun. Pretend you are a leprechaun and describe all the things that you encounter.On your way to school, you see a rainbow and its close enough for you to touch. Describe what happens when you touch it. Do you go to another world? What happens?On your way to school, you see a leprechaun and he gives you a magical shamrock shake to drink. What happens to you when you drink it?Leaping Leprechauns --  My leprechaun lost hi s magical powers! Describe how it happened and what you did about it.How to catch a leprechaun. Describe step-by-step how you plan to catch a leprechaun.

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The McKinney-Vento as amended by S. 896 the Homeless...

The McKinney-Vento as amended by S. 896 the Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing (HEARTH) Act of 2009 also known as McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, signed into law in 1987, covers many aspects of homelessness. The National Coalition for the Homeless states that the â€Å"McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act was the first—and remains the only—major federal legislative response to homelessness† (NCH). Originally, this act contained fifteen different programs that were included to aid the homeless population (United States Department of Housing and Urban Development [HUD], 2007). The goal of this act is help the homeless receive the services this population needs. This act also defined what is considered†¦show more content†¦There is a direct correlation between crime rates and the number of homeless people in an area. Children are the most vulnerable among the homeless population. Statistically, children who are homel ess at any point have a greater chance of being homeless when they are adults, thus, continuing the cycle of poverty. The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act was originally written in the 1987 to address the increasing epidemic of homelessness in the United States. During earlier years of the 1980’s, homelessness was not seen by the Regan Administration as a problem that needed federal intervention (NHC). Instead, in 1983 the Regan Administration created the first task force to provide information to local communities on how to acquire excess federal property. This did not address homelessness through programmatic or policy actions (NHC). The population was still left with little to no resources or support from the government and the problem continued. In the preceding years, advocates around the United States demanded that the federal government needed to address the widespread problem of homelessness in the country. This lead to the making of the Homeless Personâ€⠄¢s Survival Act and it was introduced to both houses of Congress in 1986. â€Å"This act contained emergency relief measures, preventive measures, and long-term solutions to homelessness† (NHC). However, only a small part of the act was ratified into law and there was a need for emergency measures to

Disaster Management Viii Free Essays

An Introduction to Disaster Management for Class 8 Central Board of Secondary Education ‘Shiksha Kendra’, 2, Community Centre Preet Vihar, Delhi – 110092, India Tel : 91-011-22509252-57/59, Fax : 91-011-22515826 E-mail : cbsedli@nda. vsnl. net. We will write a custom essay sample on Disaster Management Viii or any similar topic only for you Order Now in Website : www. cbse. nic. in TOGETHER, TOWARDS, A SAFER INDIA An Introduction to Disaster Management for Class 8 FIRST EDITION 2003 ? CBSE, DELHI ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS AUTHORS Dr. Kamala Menon, Principal, Mirambika School, New Delhi Ms. A. Venkatachalam, Mother’s International School, New Delhi Ms. P. Thakur, Education Officer, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, New Delhi EDITORS Shri M. P. Sajnani, Director (Disaster Management), Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India Ms. Aparna Kanda, Programme Associate (Vulnerability Reduction and Sustainable Environment) UNDP, New Delhi COORDINATOR Ms. Sugandh Sharma, Education Officer (Commerce), CBSE , Delhi CBSE ADVISORS Mr. Ashok Ganguly, Chairman Mr. G. Balasubramanian, Director (Academics) PUBLISHED BY : The Secretary, Central Board of Secondary Education, ‘Shiksha Kendra’, 2, Community Centre, Preet Vihar, Delhi 110 092 DESIGN LAYOUT BY : CBSE, Delhi PRINTED BY : Tara Art Press, B-4, Hans Bhawan, B. S. Zafar Marg, New Delhi – 110 002 Ph. 23378626, 23379686 ii Hkkjr dk lafo/kku mIsf’kdk ge] Hkkjr ds yksx] Hkkjr dks ,d1 [lEiw. kZ izHkqRolaiUu lektoknh iaFkfujis{k yksdra=kRed x. kjkT;] cukus ds fy,] rFkk mlds leLr ukxfjdksa dks% lkekftd] vkfFkZd vkSj jktuSfrd U;k;] fopkj] vfHkO;fDr] fo’okl] /keZ vkSj mikluk dh Lora=rk] izfr†Bk vkSj volj dh lerk izkIr djkus ds fy,] rFkk mu lc esa O;fDr dh xfjek vkSj2 [jk†V? h ,drk vkSj v[k. Mrk] lqfuf’pr djus okyh ca/kqrk csa vkSj mldk ifjj{k. k djsa( izkd`frd i;kZoj. k dh ftlds varxZr ou] hy] unh] vkSj oU; tho gSa] j{kk djsa vkSj mldk lao/kZu djsa rFkk izkf. k ek= ds izfr n;kHkko j[ksa( oSKkfud n`f†Vdks. k] ekuookn vkSj KkuktZu rFkk lq/kkj dh Hkkouk dk fodkl djsa( lkoZtfud laifY k dks lqjf{kr j[ksa vkSj fgalk ls nwj jgsa( O;fDrxr vkSj lkewfgd xfrfof/k;ksa ds lHkh {ks=ksa esa mRd†kZ dh vksj c How to cite Disaster Management Viii, Papers

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William Jefferson Clinton Essays - Bill Clinton, Lewinsky Scandal

William Jefferson Clinton Award Winner The most deserving person in the world to receive the Swift Silken Thread for Meaningless Achievement Award is former president William Jefferson Clinton. He was president for 8 years. He has had many meaningless achievements during his life. Some were not even legal. One of his many meaningless achievements is receiving the longest haircut to ever shut down an airport. This is an achievement no one will ever come close to reaching. Mr. Clinton was at the LAX airport in Los Angeles, California when this feat was achieved. He decided he wanted a haircut while aboard Air Force 1. Due to the security that must be kept for the president, no planes were allowed to take-off or land at the airport. His very important haircut only lasted a few hours, so he only inconvenienced a few thousand people. Another meaningless achievement of the former president was his astonishing ability to avoid being drafted into the military. Of course this was illegal, but it takes a lot of ability and smarts to do this. Another trait that he must have had to achieve something so meaningless is cowardlness. Cowardness seems to be his best trait. It really helped him become a draft dodger. Last but definitely not least, the most meaningless achievement of Bill Clinton's life is cheating on his wife, Hilary, in the most well known office in the United States. Of course its the Oval Office in the White House. This meaningless achievement was great for the US It made the country so well known all over the world. It made him very popular with the ladies too. Cigar sales also went up after his affair came out in public. Though no one is really sure why. William Jefferson Clinton is well deserving of this award. Not all of his meaningless achievements could fit on such little paper because there are so many of them. But as anyone could tell no one deserves this meaningless award more than him. Biographies